BUT. AND. Filosofova (October 1838 r. Tsarskoye Selo)

Dear ocle, I take the liberty to beg you to intercede for me in a matter that only you can arrange, and I'm sure you will not refuse me your protection. Grandmother is seriously ill, so she could not even write me, domestic picked me believing that I was already paid. I asked the commander only hours to go see, I wrote to the general but it depends on the Bishop, it has done anything.
Pity Grandmama, except me, and get one day for me because time is ...
I did not need to tell you of my gratitude and my sorrow, because your heart will understand me completely
I am your devoted
M. Lermontoff.

his Excellency
Dear Sir
Alexey Illarionovich


Dear uncle, I dare beg you to intercede on my case, which only you can settle, and I am sure, that you will not refuse me your patronage. Grandmother dangerously ill, so, I could not even write to me about it; servant came after me, thinking, I have already released. I asked the commandant for a few hours, to visit her, I wrote to General, but since it is dependent on the Grand Duke, they could not do anything.
pity, if not me, the grandmother, and have me for one day, because the time is short ...
I need not tell you of my gratitude and my sorrow, because your heart quite understand me.
Devotee you fully
M. Lermontov.

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Mikhail Lermontov
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