BUT. AND. Bibikovo (The second half of February 1841 g. From St. Petersburg to Stavropol)

cute Bibi.
Hardly going to write to you; I start by saying, that explains the mystery of my holiday: My grandmother asked for my forgiveness, and I was given leave; but I'll be going back to you, and here to stay I have no hope, for I have made here such troubles: arrived here in Petersburg half Carnival, I am the next day went to a ball to r<рафине> Vorontsova, and found this indecent and impudent. What to do? if only knew, where to fall, straw to it under; society but I was received very well, and I started a new drama, a tie is very great, but isolation, probably, will not be, since March 9, hence leaving himself deserving of the Caucasus resign; of Valerikskogo presentation struck me here, so that even I do not have the comfort to wear the red ribbon, when I put on civilian coat.
I was the other day at your, and they all complain, that you do not write; and, taking this into consideration, I dare you blame. Meshcherin, right, before I come to Stavropol, for I am not going to really hurry; so, sell it not surprising fishing, no bed, we sat; right, Detachment does not act before 20 April, and I will certainly by the time. Buy our goods for general Lavater and Galia, and many other books.
goodbye, my dear, be healthy.
your Lermontov.

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Mikhail Lermontov
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