BUT. BUT. Lopuhinu (The end of February - early March 1839 g. From St. Petersburg to Moscow)

cute Alexis.
I was sick for a long time and that is why you did not answer and did not congratulate you, but trust me, I sincerely rejoice in your happiness, and I congratulate you and your lovely wife. You found, it seems, it is the narrow path, through which I jumped and went entirely. You reached the goal, and I never get: zasyadu somewhere in the pit, and vanish into thin air, and even whether to remember? I like a man, who wanted to taste all the dishes at once, satiated NOT ate, and I received indizhestiyu, which, in addition, unluckily, permitted verses. Speaking of poetry; I fulfilled his promise and wrote them thy heir, they are the most moralizing (has the use of children).1

Birth of a child pretty
Welcomes my late verse.
Let it be to him a blessing
All the angels of heaven and earth!
May he be a father worthy;
His mother, beautiful and beloved;
So be calm his spirit,
And the truth is hard, how God cherub.
Let them do not know it before the deadline
No pangs of love, no glory greedy thoughts;
Let it looks without reproach
On the false glitter and false peace noise;
Though not looking for it causes
Stranger passions and joys of their,
And he leaves the secular slime
White soul and heart unharmed!

I wish that the subject of these verses is not a bad subject ... 2
Alas! Pun better poems! Well anyway! When he came out of an empty head, then, at least, verses from a full heart. the, who plays words, It does not always play the senses, and you can be sure, dear Alexis, I'm so happy for you, that tomorrow will begin to write a new ap<ию> for your little loudmouth.
write, you are welcome, Dear friend, even once, that you have done; I three times begged the winter vacation in Moscow you, at least for 14 days - not allowed! what, brother, do! I came to retire, Yes grandmother does not want to - it is necessary to her than any sacrifice. I confess to you, I have for some time terribly dispirited.

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