BUT. BUT. Lopuhinu (16-26 October 1840 g. From the fortress of Grozny to Moscow)

dear Alyosha.
I am writing you from the fortress Grozny, in which we, t. is. squad, He returned after a 20-day expedition in Chechnya. I do not know, what will happen next, as well as the fate was not very offended: I inherited from Dorokhova, which wounded, a select team of hunters, consisting every hundred Cossacks - different rabble, volunteers, Tatars and others., It is something like a guerrilla unit, and if I happen to him well to act, then, maybe, something to give; I use them only four days in the commanded and still do not know well, to what extent they are reliable; but since, probably, we shall fight on through the winter, I have time to get to the core of their. Here's the most interesting thing about me.
I have letters from you, no one else really has not received three months. God knows, that you became; forgot, whether? or disappear? I waved. I have nothing much to write to you: Our life here is monotonous war; and describe the expedition is not told to. You see, I conquered the law. May be, someday I zasyadu have your chimney and tell you many writings, fight night, weary firefight, all the pictures of military life, I witnessed. Varvara will gape at her embroidery frame, and, finally, I fall asleep on my story, and you will call in another room steward, and I am left alone, and I will dokanchivat your story to your son, that will make me cocoa on the knee ... Do me a favor, write to me as much as possible. goodbye, будь здоров с чадами и домочадцами и поцелуй за меня ручку у своей сожительницы.
your Lermontov.

In Moscow, on Molchanovka, in your own home, in the parish of St. Nicholas for the appearing.
his honor, Dear Sir Alexei Alexandrovich Lopuchin.

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Mikhail Lermontov
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