BUT. BUT. Lopuhinu (12 September 1840 g. From Pyatigorsk to Moscow)

Pyatigorsk, September 1840 of the year.
My dear Alyosha.
I'm sure, you got my letters, I wrote to you out of the current squad in Chechnya, but also confident, that you do not answer me, because I did not hear about you in writing. pozhalusta, do not be lazy: you can not imagine, as the heavy thoughts, that the friends we forget. Since I'm in the Caucasus, I have not received any letters from anyone, even from home I do not have the news. May be, they disappear, because I was not anywhere on the site, and I staggered all the time in the mountains with a group of. We had to do every day, and one pretty hot, which lasted 6 hours on end. We only had 2 000 infantry, and them to 6 thousand, all the while fighting with bayonets. We departed 30 officers and to 300 ordinary, and their 600 bodies remained in place, – кажется хорошо! – вообрази себе, that in the gully, which it was fun, hour after the case has smelled blood. When we see each other, I'll tell you the details are very interesting, – только бог знает, when we see each other. I have now recovered almost completely from food and water again in the squad to Chechnya. If you write to me, here's address: on the Caucasian line, in the current squad, Lieutenant-General Galofeeva, the left flank. Я здесь проведу до конца ноября, and then I do not know, I go where - in Stavropol, the Black Sea or in Tiflis. I got a taste of war and confident, that person, who is used to the strong feelings of the bank, there are few pleasures, that would not have seemed cloying. Only the boring, either so hot, that could hardly walk, either so cold, that shiver sneaks, or there is nothing to, or no money, – именно что со мною теперь. I had spent all, and out of the house do not send. I do not know, why my grandmother a single letter. I do not know, where is she, in the village or in St. Petersburg. write, pozhalusta, Have you seen her in Moscow. Kiss me handle Varvara Alexandrovna and farewell. Be healthy and happy.
your Lermontov.

His Excellency Alexei Alexandrovich Dear Sir Lopuchin. In Moscow Molchanovka, in your own home, in the parish of St. Nicholas for the appearing.

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Mikhail Lermontov
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