action I
Phenomenon 1

(Theater is pleasant location, Roma are sitting in tents, others go and, gathered in groups, sing.)

Gypsy song

Roma (poet)

We live among the fields
And dense forests,
We are happy to kings
And the lords of mighty ...
gay, Romany! gay, gipsy!

(and so on.)
(From "Moscow Gazette" song)
(Dance and sing.)
(Everything is silent.)
Old Roma (before the hearth)
What a life ... one yes one - Zemfira went for a walk in a deserted field, she used to wander through the distant woods and Tabor. But here too the night - and all it's not ... that's the moon down to the horizon. How wonderful… (He looks at the month) (and coming to the site) My dinner will soon get cold - and her daughter did not come - you can see, one would have to spend the night ...
But here it is!..

Phenomenon 2

(Zemfira and her youth.)
Old man
Where have you been for so long, my daughter, I thought, that you leave me, how did your mother insidious?..

forgive, my father, but do you see,
I'm a guest: of the mound
Them in the wilderness, I found
And in the camp for the night zazvat,
He wants to be as we Gypsy.
It is punishable by law,
But I'm his girlfriend,
His name is Aleko; it
Ready to follow me everywhere.

Old man

I am glad, Stay till morning
Under the canopy of our tent
Or to awaken us and share,
As you want…

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Mikhail Lermontov
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